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Old Houses & Partly completed buildings – Sekondi-Takoradi

Why some people are interested in Old Or Partly Completed House?

  • Security, Tenure security is a vital element when buying, some buyers are of the opinion that, an existing property may have scaled all the hurdles in respect of development permit and all other litigations associated with ownership, to a large extent all issues regarding documentations may have been regularized with all the relevant authorities and makes it a walk in the park for prospective buyers.
  • Commercial relevance, is also an import location element especially when the fundamental use of a particular property is commercial. In some locality, the expected commercial traffic is limited and makes decision making crucial in choosing the right spot hence ,the want for existing locations with the needed traffic and the goodwill.

Reasons for these choices vary and we have a dedicated team hunting for such properties.

  • Old Houses at prime locations in and around Sekondi – Takoradi
  • Partially completed houses both residential and commercial in nature.

Some of these properties are unsightly but for the location, they become investment worthy.

As part of our sales effort, we intend to display some images for both prime and commercial properties we identify. The entire details may not be displayed online and that’s by way of ensuring confidentiality regarding ownership .All other relevant details shall be on file and on – demand. Please be informed that not every property owner wants to be in the public domain and therefore, we advise all visitors to be guided by the legal process for buying landed properties in Ghana.

There are others we may not display and yet on sale, partly because we may not have the license to display. Under such circumstance, a descriptive verse shall be on display and all prospective buyers can query for further and better particulars, we wish to remain your trusted source when it has to do with real estate matters.

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